The Lodge Winery

Our Vision

Our future vision of the Lodge Winery and Olive Oil Company

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The northern California wine country region, including the counties of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake and surrounding areas, are home to literally thousands of wineries and wine brands. This region is the #1 attraction in California over San Francisco and Disneyland! However, less than half of the wineries in this "NorCal" region have tasting rooms or facilities open to the public. All of the others have no way for enthusiasts to visit them or taste their wines on premises, including us, but not for long because we're actively searching for a location to fulfill our vision.

Older, established wineries have had decades, and some even over a century, to build their reputations and create their “niche”. Great wine isn’t enough of a niche because in this region, pretty much everyone makes great wine, so regardless of how great a wine, or a winery may be, without a niche to stand out and attract people, it’s very hard to compete.

With the addition of a tasting room, it would give consumers a way to sample our many products while enjoying a beautiful, dog friendly property. Relax inside the cozy lounge area, or out by the pond, enjoying the views of the valley.

Some wineries are very old and historical, which is part of their allure and attraction for tourists to visit them and for consumers to try, or buy, their wines. Others are newer, but to help them stand out from everyone else, they have “themes”. It’s nothing new, Las Vegas has this same concept where some casinos are themed after early Rome, ancient Egypt, pirates, Paris, Venice, New York, medieval times, a circus, and so on. They’re all casinos. They all have slot machines, gaming tables, bars, restaurants, pools, etc. So to attract people to their casino, they use themes.

Property Attractions
  • Tasting Room, Lounge & Gift Shop
  • Beautiful Pond and Outdoor Seating Areas
  • Picnic Area with Outdoor Grills
  • RV Parking
  • Private Event Venue
  • Dog Park and Walking Trails
  • Private Shuttles to Other Properties
Imagine a location with these highlights that would attract the passerby.
Throughout the wine country, themes are every bit as important. There are castles, hilltop locations with breathtaking views, one even has a gondola ride to get up to it, some are small and quaint, others are massive behemoths, some are modern “art deco” while others are rustic and laid back.

Our vision is to build our own facility somewhere between Sonoma & Napa that lives up to the wholesome outdoor lifestyle theme, like a lodge you’d find in the mountains or on the shore of a beautiful lake or stream. To help you visualize this, imagine what a Bass Pro Shops or a Cabela’s looks like. An open timber “lodge” design with a big rock fireplace and walls adorned with taxidermy and old fishing and hunting relics. You know right away, just by looking at it, what it’s about.

Some wineries may be made out of wood or rock, but there are few with such a distinct, and automatically known theme as The Lodge Winery. Like driving past a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s… there’s no mistaking their stores, what they sell, or what they’re about. We want The Lodge Winery to be the same so when people are driving along the highway and see us, they’ll immediately know we are The Lodge Winery & Olive Oil Company, and if they enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and great wines, extra virgin olive oils, zesty wine vinegars and decadent chocolate wine sauces, they’re going to pull-in and visit us. We are currently and actively searching for this location to fulfill our vision.