California Mission E.V.O.O.


Arron Johnson

The BEST OLIVE OIL ever!!!!! This olive oil is amazing. Best flavor. Best for cooking. Best for foods. Best for cold foods. Love it!

The best I’ve ever had! I used it in my banana nut bread – best ever!

I use this particular olive oil on my low calorie popcorn instead of butter. It is to die for…

This is one of the best olive oils on the market. I use it all the time and I use it in most of my baking in place of butter. It is so yummy and buttery I would never use anything else. Best of all it’s from a small family business which ensures that the quality is always top notch.

This is the finest olive oil I have ever tasted. I use it in all of my baking in place of butter, just like my Italian grandmother! Great for dipping and heart healthy too!

The best ever! This is my all time favorite oil. I use it for everything. I have never tasted an oil I like better!

For a real treat try frying a couple of eggs in this oil instead of butter. The outside edges get a little crispy, and you’ll still have that buttery undertone. To die for! This oil is highly recommended!

Love this stuff! I use it in almost everything that requires an oil or butter. I’ve used it in place of vegetable oil in my cupcakes. The cupcakes are to die for!

Great in the outdoors too! We’ve had wonderful compliments and rave reviews with our Dutch oven potatoes, or even the meats that are cooked in this buttery favorite – all cooked over the coals on open fire. What a treat. We now use it exclusively in our bread machine as the sole oil component for perfect elastic bread with full butter flavor.

This stuff can completely replace butter when preparing quite a few things. In my experience, toasting bread in a pan with this oil actually outperforms real butter by tasting better and being less soggy. Also olive oil is obviously far more healthy for you than butter.