The Lodge Winery

Our Story

Arron Johnson
Hello, I’m Arron Johnson, owner & founder of The Lodge Winery & Olive Oil Co.

I’ve been an outdoorsman my whole life. I’ve hunted everything from big & small game, to upland birds & waterfowl. I also love to fish, whether it’s in a small mountain stream, or out in the deep blue sea.

Although our wines are fantastic for drinking any time, any place, and with any meal, they're also a great compliment to the unique flavor profiles of the wild game and fish that we love to harvest and eat.

I’d also like to point something else out about my company that sets us apart from almost every other winery, especially here in California, which is the fact that the vast majority of them are owned and operated by those who are against hunting and gun ownership. We are not one of them!

If you currently drink wine, there’s a high likelihood that the company behind that bottle votes for politicians and supports organizations who continually try to take away our rights to own and possess firearms, and to hunt. Many give sizable donations to organizations who relentlessly fight against everything we love and stand for. Many of them can't tell you the difference between a semi-automatic shotgun that we commonly use for duck hunting, and a true military rifle, but in their eyes, anything “semi-automatic” is bad and should be banned. They’re quick to place bans and restrictions on everything they know nothing about. Well, not my company! We give portions of our profits back to support youth hunting and fishing, youth shooting leagues, hunter safety courses and other organizations who support what we all stand for... our freedoms and conservation!

So that wine you currently drink… is it one who’s profits are actually being used against our own freedoms and outdoor lifestyle? Well, that’s not the case with The Lodge, I can guarantee you of that! Give our wines a try. You’ll not only love our bold and savory wines, you’ll also love our company and what we stand for. Please support those who support you!

Arron Johnson