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Wine Club

What could be better than wines from The Lodge? How about our fantastic wines at BIG discounts, that’s what!


The Lodge has the most unique and best all around wine club of its kind. The vast majority of wine clubs are similar to “book of the month clubs” where they send you a required monthly allocation of wines of their choice..., not yours. Well, what if you’re only partial to one or two particular wines? Why should you be forced to accept anything other than the wines you love the best? The answer is; you shouldn’t!


Here at The Lodge Winery we offer multiple membership levels to best suit your particular needs.

Tracker Level Membership
Our Tracker level membership is a FREE Membership for wine lovers who want to enjoy the benefits of special unadvertised discounts on our products. Upon acceptance you’ll begin enjoying any of our wines at special discount rates not available to the public. To receive the special deals, there is a requirement of purchasing a minimum of 2 cases of wine per month, but unlike most other wine clubs, YOU get to choose the wines... not us. This way you always get the wines YOU love, not wines someone else wants to sell you. You’ll also receive other fantastic benefits and deals, including occasional deeper discounts on select wines, as well as special pricing on other products that we produce, including our fantastic California Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our tasty Wine Vinegars.

Club Level Membership - Free For Clubs and Organizations Only
The Lodge Winery wants to be the official wine of your club or organization. Our Club level membership is specifically designed for hunting, fishing & shooting clubs and organizations across America. Does your club or organization hold events, dinners or fundraisers? If so, then what could be better than wines from The Lodge served at your event? How about wines from The Lodge at deep “Club level” discounts? Because each club and organization is unique in size and their quantity requirements, we custom tailor each membership for each club & organization’s specific needs to help maximize the savings.

Remember, The Lodge Winery is owned and operated by outdoors people, for outdoors people. Support those who support you!

Joining is easy. Simply click on the "Join Our Wine Family" button below and fill out the form. Once we’ve received and approved your membership, you’ll receive an email and a special membership password to begin purchasing our wines at your special club level discount. We promise… we will not spam you or sell / share your personal information with anyone!

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